The m Sound (/m/ Phoneme)

This video is about the m sound, as in

  • make
  • man
  • and must.

It is a sound from the Single Consonants group.

How to pronounce the m sound

The /m/ sound is called the “bilabial nasal,” which means that you use both of your lips and the air comes out your nose.

It is defined by the motion of your lips, and is made with the flow of air through the mouth completely blocked. So the sound comes through the nose rather than the mouth, it is a Voiced sound, which means you use your vocal chords,

To produce the /m/ sound, close your lips and voice out through your nose. Sometimes it is helpful to press the lips against or between the teeth.

How the m sound is spelled

The m sound is spelled with the letter ‘m,’ or sometimes with a double ‘m’ as in:

  • summer

Examples of the /m/ sound

Here are some words that start with /m/.

  • may
  • million
  • mother
  • meet

Here are some words with the /m/ in the middle.

  • family
  • woman
  • American
  • company

And here are some words that end with an /m/.

  • from
  • time
  • them
  • come

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